Panda 4x4 celebrates 40 years of success introducing the new Panda 4x40° Limited Edition

Fiat celebrates the 40th anniversary of its Panda 4x4 with a collector’s edition of just 1,983 units, in honor of the year the undisputed icon was born.

The limited edition is inspired by Fiat Panda’s iconic legacy: 40 years of commercial success, records, and innovation.
Still iconic, innovative, agile, and unstoppable, Fiat Panda 4x40° boasts a bold and unique equipment in both its exteriors and interiors.

Fiat Panda 4x4, since its launch in 1983, has always embodied a revolution for the industry, immediately becoming a legend in the making. To celebrate its 40th birthday, Fiat has decided to launch a new special limited edition called ‘4x40°’.

A collector’s edition, which will be produced in 1,983 exclusive units in honor of the year the Fiat icon was born. The new version will continue to be devoted to those who want to move safely on dirt and snow-covered roads, driving a reliable and comfortable car, even though its size and fuel consumption are limited. Consistency it’s the keyword here. Remaining a top of the range unique limited 4x4, the new version will be inspired by its iconic legacy, 40 years of undisputed commercial success that endures and shows no sign of decreasing: almost 800,000 units of Panda 4x4 sold from 1983 and old leader in 4x4 A-segment with 10% historical sales mix.

Fiat Panda 4x40°: an upgrade in terms of equipment and look
Still remaining iconic, innovative, agile, compact, and unstoppable, Fiat Panda 4x40° boasts a unique and bold equipment in both its exteriors and interiors. In its Cross body, Fiat Panda 4x40° provides an elegant Ivory solid body paint, enhanced by the 15” bicolor Style Wheels and black mirror caps. The external body is enriched with painted side moldings with 4x40° red logo, celebrating stickers portraying car silhouettes of original and current Panda and the 4x40° badge on B-pillar. Ivory is also the main interiors protagonist, coloring the dashboard and soft touch inserts in the seats. The latter are also embellished with celebrating icons, 4x40° logo on the upper fascia seat backrest, red double stitching and recycled fabric on central inserts.

On top of its dedicated details, the 4x40° limited edition also includes the characterizations Cross specific, for those who also use their car to explore the great outdoors. It is complemented by front fog lights and DRL LED, privacy glass, front red tow hooks, black roof bars, which accentuate its sporty look. It also offers good habitability and comfort thanks to five seats with three rear headrests, driver seat height adjustment, leather steering wheel and gear shift knob. To ensure a pleasant and joyful drive, without giving up on safety, it is equipped with radio DAB 7” touchscreen with CarPlay/Android Auto, auto air conditioning, electric and heated door mirrors, dusk and rain sensors and rear parking sensors.

The new Panda 4x40° will be available in the following Markets: Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Remaining a top of the range unique limited 4x4, the new version will be inspired by its iconic legacy, 40 years of undisputed commercial success that endures and shows no sign of decreasing.

Panda 4x4: birth of an icon

Panda 4x4: birth of an icon
Retracing the history of the Fiat Panda 4x4 means leafing through the memory album of a forty-year-old that has been able to ride time while evolving, yet always remaining true to itself. The history of the successful model began when Fiat decided to create a car that was small on the outside but big on the inside, beautiful to look at, pleasant to drive and unbeatable in terms of price. The concept is a success, immediately appealing and lasting over time. The outcome is due to the car's vibrant and playful personality, ideal for everyday use in the city, but at the same time suitable for motorway stretches.

Fiat Panda 4x4 also has an adventurous soul, thanks to its 'off-roader' nature which allow drivers to tour the world and tackle raids, confirming its great endurance and total reliability.

Prefiguring SUVs major move of the automotive markets, the Fiat Panda 4x4 gave access to unlimited mobility to all, attracting heterogeneous customers in terms of taste, age, and mobility needs. Another proof of the Brand’s recognized social relevancy in developing products.

Three generations of successful models
Since its launch in 1983, many models have been introduced to the public, offering three increasingly fresh, seductive but always consistent generations: the first one including Sisley and Country Club between 1987 and 1995; the second one with Cross in 2005, which contributed to the great success of the Panda 4x4 gamma thanks to its similar huge SUV style but with the benefits that only a compact car can provide. And finally, the third generation, with gems such as New Cross in 2014 and PanDAKAR in 2017. Or the Fiat Panda Trussardi launched in 2019, the first luxury Panda to spring from the partnership between Fiat and a fashion house.
A legend that also lives on thanks to its loyal and passionate community of Panda 4X4 owners who, for example, broadcast their adventures on social networks, contributing to the creation of a timeless icon.

A timeless myth, which with its birthday is capable of reminding Fiat and enthusiasts of how embracing tradition but still having an avant-garde eye is the secret to create a revolutionary legacy and to become a legend.