Long-Term Leasing
for Businesses:
The Future of Mobility

Secure a Fiat car, whether it's gasoline, GPL, hybrid, or electric, or maintain a fleet that's always in peak condition without the burdens of ownership, all with a fixed monthly fee. 

With Leasys leasing, you ensure your fleet has all the assistance it needs.

A fixed fee and certainty in management costs

Save time for your business

Leasys supports you in vehicle or fleet management

The best technologies for precise monitoring

For Large Corporations

Large fleets of special and customized vehicles

Dedicated sales team

Preferred contact channels

Customer satisfaction

A Wealth of Services

Leasys offers services and guarantees that simplify vehicle management, save time, and enhance freedom of movement while ensuring driver peace of mind and vehicle integrity. In addition to essential vehicle management services such as tax, liability insurance, fire, theft, and damage coverage, Leasys can provide additional services for your fleet.


Leasys includes ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions.

Complete assistance

24/7 roadside assistance, 365 days a year. Assistance and prompt interventions are guaranteed at any time and across the entire national territory.

Guaranteed vehicle

Leasys guarantees pre-assignment and replacement vehicles.

Fuel card

Exclusive benefits and deferred payments for fuels and services purchased at affiliated service stations.

Tele-diagnosis and mobility info

Leasys relies on cutting-edge devices for remote monitoring of vehicle status, with the aim of preventing thefts, breakdowns, malfunctions, and intervening in case of unforeseen events.


With My-Leasys, your fleet is under your control. You can always access the most relevant data about your fleet, along with useful management information and vehicle maintenance status.


Leasys UMove

Free for all customers, Umove is the simplest way to access Leasys' guaranteed services for your long-term leasing.