Financial Services

Adaptable and personalized solutions for you

Stellantis Financial Services

We provide a comprehensive range of financial products, ranging from conventional to cutting-edge options, all complemented by high-value insurance and assistance services. Our goal is to ensure you have access to safe, convenient, connected, and sustainable mobility.


Installment loan

Choose installment loans with Stellantis Financial Services for simple and efficient financing. Fixed rate and monthly payments, with or without a down payment, choice of payment date. Installment loans adapt to your wishes, not the other way around. The advantages of installment loans:
• You are the owner of your vehicle,
• Financing of up to 100% of the purchase price,
• Fixed-rate loan repayments.

Fiat Plus

Fiat Plus is a financial formula that safeguards the future value of your Fiat and allows you to drive a new car that adapts to your changing needs. You can select the model you desire, the financing duration, the initial payment, and your mileage. Plus, you can include all car-related services in one comprehensive installment.
At the contract's end, you have the freedom to choose to:
• Replace the car by purchasing a new one
• Keep it by paying the final installment or refinancing
• Return the car without any obligation to buy a new one (paying only for actual usage)
Do you prefer a used Fiat?
With TRUST & GO, we trust in the used market. Even for your used vehicle, you enjoy the security of a Guaranteed Future Value and the freedom to choose from three options at the end of the contract.

Long-term leasing

Long-term leasing is a lease with no purchase option that allows you to lease a new vehicle. It is a service designed especially for people who always like to drive the latest vehicles. Long-term leasing is a lease with no purchase option that allows you to lease a new vehicle. The advantages of Long-Term Leasing:
• No down payment is required. When you sign the contract, you are free to choose whether to pay a higher first installment or fixed monthly installments from the beginning of the lease.
• You trade in your vehicle on a regular basis, without worrying about the resale.

Insurance & Services

With Stellantis Financial Services, you can enjoy complete peace of mind while driving your Fiat. We offer a range of services that can be combined with any financial solution to protect against unforeseen events. Whether you want to protect your car or yourself, we have the right solution for your needs.
Depending on the product chosen your policy may pay for
• Damages/Injuries caused to 3rd parties
• Drivers Insurance
• Damages by Fire & Theft
• Damages to your vehicle
• Assistance

Stellantis Renting

Stellantis Renting offers a mobility solution designed for individuals to experience the best of driving.

• Choose the car you desire
• Customize the duration, mileage, and service levels for a flexible and tailored fee, even without an initial payment
• Enjoy peace of mind with all-inclusive services, including insurance, assistance, and mobility services like the green card and property tax
• Experience a fixed monthly budget with no hidden costs
• Adapt to evolving mobility needs with Stellantis Renting, ensuring you always have the car that best fits your life's different phases.